MBA Job Market

Career Paths and Job Opportunities for MBA Graduates.

What can you do with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree once you've graduated? A lot. An MBA is extremely versatile and valuable, and will allow you to pivot in many different directions depending on your career aspirations, skills, and interests.

Graduates with MBA degrees are in demand, and that demand keeps growing. In its “2015 Year-End Poll of Employers,” the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reported that 75% of employers surveyed intended to hire MBAs, with 85% citing that the number would be the same or even increase from the year before.

Management Consultant

A management consultant's job is to advise companies on their management practices and identify problems within the organization that may be holding the company back from reaching their goals. Many management consultants are self-employed, while others work for large firms. According to the IMC, about 27% of consultants are self-employed.

This is an ideal arrangement for many MBAs: a flexible career path with high earning potential.

High-End Management Consultant

High-end management consultants provide the focused direction companies require to stay relevant and competitive. They typically specialize in a specific industry. They help companies and government agencies solve management problems, and they help companies control costs, maximize profits, increase worker productivity, and increase efficiency.

Financial Manager

To thrive in a competitive environment, companies worldwide rely on the expertise of financial managers. Basically, financial managers oversee the financial activities and transactions of companies. They oversee cash management and investment activities, create financial procedures, and oversee the budget process. Financial managers help companies meet their fiscal objectives. Financial managers are also involved in activities as varied as raising capital, handling mergers and acquisitions, and assessing global financial transactions.

Shifting Industries and Roles

The worlds of finance and consulting used to draw MBA graduates in droves. But these days, students leaving school with master's degrees in business administration are finding jobs elsewhere. They are more likely than earlier alumni to work in the products and services industry and the technology sector, according to the B-School Alumni Employment Report Alumni Perspectives Survey of 2018.

The specific roles MBA graduates take are shifting, too, the study shows. Recent alumni are increasingly filling roles in marketing and sales (20 percent) and operations and logistics (13 percent). Although finance and accounting (20 percent) and general management (18 percent) positions still account for large shares of new graduates, their popularity has fallen.