World Top Business Schools

The business schools that make up the Top list offer the highest quality MBA education you can find in the United States, and perhaps the world over. And while many schools have moved toward similar styles of teaching and curriculum, the schools on this list all have their own distinct personalities, environments, and cultures. Each has strengths and weaknesses, differing curriculum styles, experiential learning opportunities, and more. And each school will offer a different education and experience.

So which school is the best fit for you? Read through the following profiles and you’ll be well on your way to figuring that out. Each profile starts with a snapshot view providing information about a school’s size, diversity, costs, selectivity, standing with the corporate recruiters, graduate and intellectual capital polls, and the big question for many prospective MBA students—starting pay packages of graduates. Near the end of each profile, we identify the companies that hire the most graduates of each school; the most outstanding faculty, as identified by the Class of 2020; tips for applicants; and candid comments on the schools from graduates of the Class of 2020.